Executive Business Coaching

Unlock Your Genius Code

The first order of business is making sure you have a handle on your Core Powers and how they can best be used in your life and in your work. You'll align with and take full advantage of your deepest abilities, ones you may not have accessed fully before or may not even know you possess.

You'll get the keys to your next leap using your Genius Code, the map that contains your Core Powers and best operating system. You'll learn about any malware that is interfering with your progress, have it neutralized and learn about new choices that will carry you forward. You'll be rid of unconscious limiting patterns that may have unknowingly sabotaged you for years.

You'll have the ability to easily evaluate any action or situation and know what is best for you. You'll be guided to make corrections that allow you to create the results you desire. You'll be more effective, increase your emotional intelligence, and be more productive in your life, your work and your business. You'll have a greater sense of ease and enjoy greater success, prosperity, and impact in all that you do!

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Team Dynamics Consulting

Lead your team into the future of work!

There’s nothing like a well-running team to bolster the success of not only the team but also of the company. Aligning team members with their Core Powers and with each other accelerates job satisfaction and the ability for team members to collaborate and contribute.  And that translates into increased retention rates, greater productivity, and creativity.

By aligning team members with their Core Powers, the door opens for each person to be more proactive, confident in their value and contributing fully to the team goals.  As teams get to authentically know each other better, it facilitates better communications, better decision making, and greater productivity.

And it all begins with each member of the team receiving their Genius Code, the map that contains their Core Powers and best operating system while removing any malware.  This is coupled with team training around the Core Powers and operating system of each member and how they can best contribute to the teams' objectives.  The group training reinforces the special contribution that each team member makes, clarifies how each team member best produces results and considers how team members effectively work together. It also confirms the alignment of each team member with the team goals and provides a remedy for any misalignment.

You do know that your teams are crucial to the success of your organization and that you want yours to be the very best possible. Gain the benefit of the Aligned Advantage. It will pay for itself.

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Business Optimization

This is an opportunity to get your business into it's highest financial flow as well as the flow of new customers and repeat business. Hidden challenges with your products, services, sales, marketing, and systems are identified. Strategies for correcting them and bringing them into alignment with your revenue goals are identified in detail.

You'll get a customized investigative report including all aspects of your business. You will know exactly where misalignments are occurring that obstruct your ability to accomplish your goals. You'll receive a customized, comprehensive report and recommendations to bring all the aspects of your business into alignment.

You'll even know if any of the people who contribute to your business are negatively affecting your financial flow and what you can do about it. As a result, you'll be more confident in your business decisions, spend less time and expend less energy while increasing your revenue. You'll get the return you deserve for your time, money and effort.

And it all begins with a Business Audit that identifies the areas that need immediate attention in order to increase your financial flow.